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Next Membership Matters Class is August 28&29 6:30-8pm

What is church membership and how does it work?   Church membership is a way to commit yourself to the Church and clarify your relationship to the church.  Once a person is committed to the church in membership there is a mutual responsibility between the church and the member to serve one another and hold each other accountable in a loving way to walk with Christ. Without this relationship being clarified it is very difficult to be accountable to one another.  While the process of membership may be different in each church and is not clarified in the bible, the idea and qualifications of membership are throughout the New Testament.  Membership is shown each time the Bible refers to someone being “added” to the Church.  Also we do find membership or the relationship with the church of some in the Bible being removed or severed.  What are the Qualifications for Membership? Membership in the Bible is only for those that have professed to be believers in Jesus and have followed Him in baptism.  We would love to talk to you about knowing for sure you are a Christian or talking to you about baptism.  We will do baptisms on September 9th for any that need to be baptized.  How does Membership Work? If you have already been saved and baptized or are saved and desire to be baptized you should take the next membership matters class.  In this class you will find out our history, core beliefs and values, meet our leadership and find out expectations of members.  Attending the class does not commit someone to membership nor does it guarantee their membership.  Those who desire to be member’s will have their names submitted to the church for confirmation on membership Sunday, normally two weeks after the class.

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