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disciple-imgThe Bible has been given to us as an instructional manual for life.  It has everything we need for every season of life.  At Flat Run we have chosen our disciple group ministry to move the worshiping disciple through the Word of God in a more focused, personal and accountable way to address those different seasons in life.  While Bible truth is important, we also recognize that as a Believers we need more than just a Bible study.  God makes it abundantly clear that we need one another and should be in fellowship and community together.   Disciple Groups are more than just a time to receive Bible knowledge, they are an opportunity for us to share our lives together as we pray, serve and fellowship together. It was the practice of the early church to live in community and fellowship regularly as they met house to house praying, eating, reading and discussing the Scriptures. (Acts 2:46)

We believe that these groups provide smaller communities within the church in which spiritual growth can take place through Bible study, prayer and the building of friendships.  Because of the importance of these groups in our spiritual growth we expect our members to have a desire to participate in them. However, these groups are open to all that worship with us.    Let us know if you have any questions about the upcoming groups and don’t forget to sign up soon!

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