How To Get To Heaven

It may seem a little strange to discuss directions to Heaven from a church in Locust Grove, Virginia or maybe your from Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Orange, Fredericksburg or some other location. But these instructions are good no matter where your starting location is.

One of our main task as a church is to make sure that everyone we come in contact with knows how to get to Heaven. Most people believe you have to be a good person to go to Heaven. Most people think that they are good people. I would like you to take the following test and see how good of a person you are. Are you ready? Let's take the test! Click on the link below and answer honestly.

Are you a good Person?


Please contact our church office by phone, email or in person if you would like someone to share with you from the Bible how you can be forgiven, on your way to Heaven by beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ.