Flat Run Church History

(Below is a chronological timeline of the history of Flat Run Church. If you are a former member, family member of a former pastor, or have historical information about the church please contact the church office so that we may continue to improve and make accurate the history of Flat run Church.

1849 Constituted April 9 1849. Elders J.N. George from Shiloh association, William R. Powell from the Salem Association, A.H. Bennett from the Columbia. “2 dozen members of Zoar Church founded Flat Run Meeting House in 1840.” (pg.223 Plantation & Farm Scholotterbeck) Records show 3 different dates for Church inception. 1840, 1849, & 1904. 1849 is the agreed upon date. The original church was located on the north side of Route 3 on the southern side of Flat Run. An 1861-65 Confederate map shows the church at this original location. A County map. possibly dated 1875 shows the same location. Tradition says the old church burned.
1849-54 Joseph H. Gordon (5)
The 1849 September Annual Minutes from the Goshen Baptist Assoc. list J.H. Gordon & J.C. Willis as delegates. It mentions Gordon has a license but is not ordained. There is not pastor specifically mentioned until 1951. Gordon most likely acted as the pastor the first two years. Gordon lived in Stevensburg, VA.There were 16 members that first year with $58.00 given to missions.
1851 J.H. Gordon was ordained.
1855-57 James L. Powell (3)
1856 52 members recorded.
1858-1894 John Churchill Willis (36)
Born 5-21-1824. Died 8-2-1894. Lived on Farm on Indiantown. He was a writer, farmer, pastor, surveyer, and county supervisor. Pastor of Zoar as well. Longest tenured pastor in Flat Run’s history. The Honorable Willis, retired judge of the city of Fredericksburg, gave Flat Run Church a concordance given by the ladies of Flat Run as a gift.
1873 Deed records that the current land was obtained on May 4, 1873. 1 acre was given by John A. and Mary H. Gordon. The Church currently has 1.9 acres. We are not sure when the rest was picked up. This could have been the time period the church burned down.
1878 Church Roster: 29 white male; 36 white female; 2 color.
1880 76 members recorded.
1894 (no pastor) E.J. Wood filled pulpit supply
1895-1903 F.H. James (8) Voted on 5 Sun. Sept 1874. Did not accept at this time. F.H. James was extended invitation again upon his resignation at Louisa Church in June 1895. Accepted July 1895.
1904 Hugh Goodwin (1)
1905-06 (no pastor)
1907-10 Samuel Saunders (3) -Also pastor of Rhoadesville Baptist
1911 (no pastor)
1912 G.W. Hurt (1)
1913-14 (no pastor)
1915-25 E. G. Barnum (10)
-Also pastor of Wilderness, Zoan, Salem, Goshen.
1926 (no pastor)
1927 E.G. Barnum (1) (returned for one year)
1928-1951 (no pastor/ no records) Church most likely closed during this period.
1952 Joseph G. Graver Jr. (1) -Reopened Flat Run.
1953 (no pastor)
1954 E. H. Davis (1) Supply preacher from Lignum
1955-57 William V. Burns (2)
1958 (no pastor)
1959 O.H. Hill (1)
1960 (no pastor)
1961-63 Ryland Crews (2) (pastor of Wilderness & Flat Run)
1963-66 (no record of pastor)
1966-68 James L. Carfrey (2) (Resigned 4-28-68)
1967 Building dedication of Sunday School Rooms (current kitchen area.)
1968-72 John F. Perry Jr. (4)
1971 Flat Run requested his ordination at this time
1973 William T. Price (1)
Resigned 7-29-73/ church closed after he resigned.
1974-80 Charlie Thomas (6)
Ordained at Flat Run, resigned 12-31-80.
C hurch was closed for period of time.
1981-86 Jim L. Hudgins (5)
Terminated improperly 4-28-86 because he dismissed inactive members from the roster.
1986 Robert T. Joseph
1986-87 C hurch was closed for period of time.
1987-92 Earl S. Cox (5) -Voted in 7-87. Resigned August 16 1992.
Sanctuary air conditioned. Predicted to the Orange County Review that one day there would be a church of 600 people at this intersection.
1990 New front doors and steeple added
1992 Dr. C.L. Bishop (1) Member who became interim pastor was a member of Flat Run. Was the president of Luther Rice College from 1967-1975. Voted in as interim 10-18-92

1993 Dr. Leonard Vanderveld Jr.(1) Came in January of 1993. Was Associate Professor at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit Pa for 19 years. Academic Dean & Instructor at Fredericksburg Bible Institute & Seminary.
1993 Front Deck and ramp installed.
1994 (no pastor)
1995-05 Sam Pearson (9) Started off as Pulpit supply, became pastor and stayed for 10 years. Led Flat Run to pull out of the SBC. Resigned 1-16-05.
1999 Flat Run withdrew from the Goshen Baptist Association and the SBC.
2005-present (2015) Ryan Flanders (10) Voted in 1-16-05.

2007-2012 Pastor Chris McGill    Ordained September 2011 (1st African American ordained in      Church history)

2009   Constructed new 7,500 square foot building

(122 years accounted for with pastors) (11 years open but no pastor)
(26 years the church was closed) (24 pastors known of in records)
(Average stay for a pastor at Flat Run was less than 5 years)
(2 pastors served for 10 or more years)(6 pastors served for 5-9 years)
(15 pastors have served less than 5 years)