If we believe, why do we doubt?

At some point all believers struggle with doubts in their faith.  If you are honest enough to recognize this you will find yourself in good company.  John the Baptist, the cousin and forerunner of Jesus struggled with doubts.  He had famously proclaimed the Jesus was the Messiah but then later became a little confused and asked Jesus "are you the One who was to come or should we expect someone else."  That is a powerful question if you think about it.  For some it is so very troubling to have someone of John's stature to have such deep and serious doubts.  We can be critical or identify ourselves with John.  One of Jesus Continue reading

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Easter at Flat Run Church

Easter Sunday 2017

We invite you and your guest to join us this Sunday, April 16th for our Easter Celebration Services at 8:30am & 10:30am. Enjoy our family photo set, take a selfie with the bunny and let your kids enjoy our building Easter lego session during kid's church. Child care is provided and we have a FREE book giveaway "the case for Easter." Happy Easter from Flat Run Church!

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silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus

sill rabbit with ryan pic

Don’t get me wrong, rabbits can be a lot of fun…. to watch on t.v., to hunt, to eat, to have as a pet or even pretend they hide eggs on Easter morning.  I get it, I do it.  It is fun coloring eggs and hiding them (though the plastic ones are better because you can stuff them with Continue reading

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Are you Spiritual?

Have you ever wondered what are the evidences of someone being spiritual?  Or how about pondering what is it the more spiritual people should be doing?  No?........You probably don't need to keep reading if your answer is no!   In Galatians 5 we are shown the evidences of what it looks like to be spiritual and not so spiritual, in the flesh.  In Galatians 6 we see that those walking in the Spirit, displaying the fruit of the Spirit are the Continue reading

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The War Within

Do you ever feel like you are at war with yourself?  Do you sense the tension that is within you?  The Apostle Paul speaks of this war within us in our passage for this Sunday, towards the end of Galatians chapter 5 in the New Testament.  Every person that has Continue reading

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Easter Eggsplosion

Easter EggsplosionJoin us for the first ever Eggsplosion Community Event in Locust Grove on Saturday, April 8th at Locust Grove Elementary School on Route 20 starting at 2pm.  This FREE, Easter inspired event is sure to bring some joy to your family.  We will have over 3,000 eggs, several inflatables and moon bounces and pictures with the Easter Bunny!  The event will take place on the fields behind the school.  The egg hunt is for kids under 10. You should register to guarantee your spot at the event.  Register here!

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Freedom for Sin or Service

We live in a day that desires liberation of every kind.  Men, children and women are demanding freedom to do as they please.  The strange thing is, is that some who are choosing a path of freedom, are enslaved in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, sexual pleasures, materialism and other forms of bonage.  Legalism offers a nice clean presentation that makes all of the expectations clear, but it is bondage.  Extreme liberty or Continue reading

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The Freedom Thief

The statement “freedom is not free” resonates with those who understand the sacrifices our military has made for us to enjoy enduring freedom.  In our modern society, the freedom that we enjoy is often under attack.  Thankfully there are men and women that continue to stand up and pay the price of freedom.  In a similar fashion, Jesus paid the price of our freedom.  Christ paid our debt and bondage of sin through His death on the Continue reading

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Freedom Sermon Series


      Freedom.  Just yesterday my wife and I walked through down town Richmond, Virginia past the St. John's Church.  This is the location where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech on March 23, 1775 at the Second Virginia Convention.  At this convention Henry proclaimed those ringing words "Give me liberty, or give me death!"  The reality is that in the Christian life when we don't have liberty, we actually have death.  Freedom is the amazing topic we are going to tackle over the next 6 weeks in our new sermon series "Freedom: breaking free of the traps of life."  We are beginning on Sunday, February 26th at 10:30am and would love for you to join us in this series based on Galatians 4-6.  Each week in these powerful passages we will unlock the truth of the Scripture regarding the freedom we have in Christ and identify the traps that so easily ensnare us.   "Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage."  Galatians 5:1

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join a small group

disciple-imgThe Bible has been given to us as an instructional manual for life.  It has everything we need for every season of life.  At Flat Run we have chosen our disciple group ministry to move the worshiping disciple through the Word of God in a more focused, personal and accountable way to address those different seasons in life.  While Bible truth is important, we also recognize that as a Believers we need more than just a Bible study.  God makes it Continue reading

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