Community in the Church

Community is one of the basic needs for humanity that we often overlook in a culture of individualism and seclusion.  While social media in recent years seems to make us feel more interconnected it may just be deceiving us further in believing we are more connected in community than we really are.   Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of social media to an extent and believe that it is a better community forum than no community at all, but it can never live up to the real thing, personal interaction.   Community is that network of relationships that is centered around something that you have in common.  It could be shared ideas, attitudes, interest, goals or location of residence. So community can be your household, your neighborhood, work place, hobby group, sports team or church.  We are actually a part of multiple communities at any given time.  I would like to look at why community in the church should be a priority for all believers.  Let's take a brief look Continue reading

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our purpose

Have you ever wondered "why am I here?"  Of course you have, if your honest.  Maybe you ask yourself that daily!  the reason we ask ourselves that question is because we all desire to have some purpose in life.  There is nothing more empty and unfulfilled as meandering through life without purpose.  The same goes for a church.  As a church we also have a purpose of why we are here.  We remind ourselves frequently at Flat Run of why we exist with our purpose statement which is "to make disciples that worship, grow and serve."  It may appear that different church's exist for different reasons.   Some may exist to continue on tradition, others to entertain, keep busy, educate, meet a need or fill some other purpose.  We have aimed to find our purpose for existence from God, specifically in His Continue reading

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a good name

After the American Civil War some members of the Louisiana Lottery attempted to recruit Robert E. Lee to lend them the influence of his name for their business venture.  This is done commonly today among famous athletes, musicians and others and proves to be very lucrative.  Some athletes make more on their endorsements than from their actual sport.  Robert E. Lee was astounded, straightened up, buttoned his coat and yelled, "Gentlemen, I lost my home in the war.  I lost my fortune in the war.  I lost everything except my name.  My name is not for sale, and if you fellows don't get out of here, I'll break this crutch over your heads!"  Lee recognized that our name is more valuable than any monetary gain.  Proverbs 22:1 "a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold."  A good name should be highly desired.  Ecclesiastes 7:1 also say's "A good name is better than precious ointment."   Our character should be valued above our wealth, for they are  useless if in gaining them we Continue reading

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The Bible and Racism

In recent months there has been an obvious increase in tension among race relations in America. In fact the tension seems to be building with each news cycle covering stories focusing on crime that happens to be one race against a differing race. In a recent survey done by CBS News and the New York Times people are more pessimistic about race relations than any time since the early 90's riots revolving around the Rodney King situation. The majority of Americans at 57% in the same survey said the race relations are bad and 38% feel they are getting worse. The situations in Baltimore, New York and Missouri have each shown that there is a growing problem with increased conflicts revolving around race. As Christians we look to the Bible to shape our thinking on all world issues, cultural battles and answers to questions and challenges of life. Continue reading

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Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus

Don’t get me wrong, rabbits can be a lot of fun…. to watch on t.v., to hunt, to eat, to have as a pet or even pretend they hide eggs on Easter morning.  I get it, I do it.  It is fun coloring eggs and hiding them (though the plastic ones are better because you can stuff them with Continue reading

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April Fools Jokes

This morning I woke up early and began thinking of some very good practical jokes for the 1st of April.  I contemplated the picture of a head in a pickle jar or under the toilet seat, but it didn’t seem to be my style.  I almost ran to the store to get plain donuts and cover them with baking soda to appear like those white powdered donuts, but I just couldn’t justify wasting perfectly good donuts.  So for now I settled with a trade rumor for RG3 of the redskins.  The ideas I had coming were getting elaborate and I really couldn’t afford the time to invest in a joke.   But my mind wandered over to Proverbs with a word search for “fool.” “Fool” is used well over 50 times.  So if you really want to be a fool, here is the top 10 list on being a fool according to the book of proverbs.

10.  Wish someone would just shut up when they are telling you what you should do 1:7,22

9.   If you hear something bad about someone, share it.   10:18

8.  Think everything you do is right  12:15

7.  Laugh when you sin, when others sin or when someone tells a joke about sin. 14:9 Continue reading

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